general conditions of Sale

1. The goods always travel at the buyer's risk and peril even if the price is agreed free port. The responsibility of the company ends when the load is completed; therefore we are not responsible for breakages and / or tampering due to the inexperience of the carriers and / or deposits, any damage must be highlighted in the Transport Document at the time of unloading. 2. The natural characteristics of the stone, therefore of our products, make each composition a unique piece, the different shades and / or veins are specific characteristics of the marble and therefore cannot be contested. 3. Any complaints must reach us no later than 8 days from the date of receipt of the material by registered mail or fax. We do not accept in any case disputes on the materials already installed. Any defects in the goods, regularly reported, give the right to the replacement of the damaged goods only. The company's obligations end with this replacement. Any dispute or claim does not imply the suspension of the payment which must be made in full and regularly within the prescribed terms. 4. Orders placed through our agents or intermediaries are considered valid only after our acceptance with order confirmation. 5. Delivery terms are not mandatory and should be interpreted as an approximate indication. Any delays in deliveries can therefore in no case be invoked for the cancellation of the order, nor for compensation for direct or indirect damages. 6. Payments must be made within the established deadlines. Failure to comply with the payment deadlines gives the right to suspend supplies and to apply interest on arrears equal to the current bank rate until payment has been made. 7. List prices are subject to variations. The company reserves the right to modify its product at any time, without this implying a dispute from customers. 8. We do not accept cancellations of orders regarding finished works and / or special measures outside the price list. 9. For anything not provided for in the aforementioned clauses, reference should be made to the laws and customs in force on the subject. 10. Prices are exclusive of VAT ex our headquarters. 11. The Court of Treviso is competent for any controversy.